Sometimes, life gets tough. And when it does, you might not know where you can go for judgement free help and support. 

If you're in the UK and need help getting food, The Black Project can be that for you. We supply food parcels anywhere in the UK on request, and we don't ask you any invasive questions, or to "prove" that you need help. We know asking for help can be hard enough, without any added embarrassing questioning.

What's in the box? 

- Pasta

- Rice

- Cereal 

- Fruit Pots

- Vegetable tins

- Meat (Ham, Chicken, Meatballs, Fish)

- Pie (Meat or Vegetarian available)

- Stock cubes

- Soup 

- Milk

- Pasta Sauce

- Squash

- Crisps

- Biscuits

- A family favourite snack

To request a box, all you have to do is fill in this form.

The Food Parcels Initiative is funded entirely through donations, which means without your support, we at The Black Project can't support the families in need. 

It would mean the absolute world, if you could donate, to do so by clicking this link. If you don't use paypal and would still like to donate, please do contact us via email, or via instagram, and we'll advise you the best way to do that. 

Thank you for your continued support, and for trusting us to help you! 

All the best, 

The Black Project