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Black Business Wednesday: Amazemeet

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It’s Wednesday so we’re promoting another black owned business here at TBP.

This week on Black Business Wednesday, we’re talking about @amazemeet.

Amazemeet is a service that allows you to streamline your meetings, for as many or as few attendees as you need. Features you’d ordinarily need multiple apps to get, Amazemeet combines into one convenient location. It features unlimited meetings and invites, integrated video conferencing and chat options, and the ability to assign roles to every attendee, making it clear exactly why everyone’s there. With virtual agendas, key points and decisions, actions and next steps and the ability to record meetings, it’s possible to plan multiple meetings in advance and proactively get to work building on the outcomes of the meeting.

In short, Amazemeet enables you to have amazing meetings, and in the times of corona, working from home, virtual learning and remote teamwork, effective and easy to use online meetings have never been more important. Already used by Fortune 500 companies, Amazemeet can help you and your company work more effectively.

Visit www.amazemeet.com for more information!

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