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Black Business Wednesday: iUVO Skin Care

On Wednesday's we hype up Black Business! This weeks business is @iuvoskincare. A UK based skincare company who hand make their vegan, organic, natural products. This means you can treat yourself without costing the earth!

iUVO was born when their founder was going through cancer, and through experimentation, determination, and with love and support, they discovered a raw butter that had nourishing and beneficial effects. This helped with recovery, and contributed to a much healthier appearance. And from this their skincare range was born.

Their range includes body oils, face and body scrubs and creams, face masks, deodorant, shampoo and conditioners and more!

Visit their store, iuvoskincare.com to order, and get free shipping on orders over £25!

Visit our instagram for an easy to share post about their business!

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