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Black History Month: A Brief Timeline of Black British History

Black History Month is here!

I’ve partnered up with a friend, @daniellesams, to bring you all a months worth of content across both our accounts. We’ve got people who made history and people making history now, we’ve got a look into how Africa and the Caribbean have both impacted culture in the UK, we’ve got a look at climate change and the black british people fighting for our planet, a look at some black british pop culture, and more! We even have a giveaway coming, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, are following both of us, and have our notifications turned on.

We start though, with a brief timeline of Black British History. To share each individual post, visit my instagram for Part 1, and Danielle’s for Part 2.

Give both posts a share, and if you have anything we missed, we’d love to hear more history in the comments!

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