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Chadwick Boseman.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

There are no words. Even as I type this I am shaking with emotion, with sorrow. I can’t stop the tears. I cannot believe I am typing this post. I cannot believe this news is real.

Chadwick, what a force you were. What a force you will remain through the art you gave us. What a moment you created as you appeared as King T’Challa, and brought a feeling of love, empowerment, and excellence to black people around the world. Even through sickness, you worked to create more art, to tell us more stories. The talent you had left me in awe every time I watched you, and my heart is broken that your time on this earth was cut so tragically short. The strength it took to create what you created even through terminal pain - that strength deserved to survive. You deserved to survive.

It's hard to stomach this news. In any year it would have devastated me - Chadwick was a huge part of my learning about black people, black stories. A huge part in finding pride in being part of this community. And in spending his life dedicated to telling the stories of black icons, being a voice of the black community, he himself became an icon to us. And he only cemented this further with Black Panther. Black Panther represented so much - love, acceptance, hope, beauty, joy. It was a depiction of all that is beautiful about being black. It was black excellence in the biggest way we'd ever seen on screen. And Chadwick was so much a part of that, that he was black excellence to the highest degree.

This year has been so much death, suffering, and loss for the black community. To not only lose such a beautiful, bright and special person who represented so much good and hope, but to find out he had been suffering quietly for so long, feels like a punch in the chest. Like the ground has fallen from beneath me and I'm in total free fall. I can't process it as a truth, that we now walk this earth without Chadwick alongside us.

But I am incredibly grateful to have experienced the warmth and power of his light even from a distance, and to have experienced this world with him in it. I can only imagine how this loss feels to those who got to experience his light up close and personal.

My thoughts and love are with Chadwick’s family and his wife. There are no words to express the pain they must be feeling. I am so sorry you lost such a wonderful man.

Chadwick Boseman, Rest in Power. Wakanda forever and always king.

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