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On May 25 2019, Siyanda Mngaza was 20 years old, and camping on the Brecon Beacons for the bank holiday weekend.

What should have been a lovely weekend break, instead turned her life upside down. Because that day, Siyanda was racially attacked, verbally and physically by 3 people, 2 men and 1 woman, at least twice her age. And Siyanda is currently in prison for it.

Siyanda is 4’10, disabled, and at the time of the incident she was recovering from recent reconstructive surgery on her leg. She couldn’t run from her attackers.

The attackers approached her, calling her racial slurs and threatening to kill her. When the woman got close to her, Siyanda tried to push her off, which caused a cut to the attacker. The two men, twice her age, then dragged her to the floor and beat her up.

The three attackers then phoned the police and lied, claiming Siyanda had attacked them.

When the police showed up, they arrested Siyanda and charged her with GBH. Not one of the attackers were arrested, despite the fact that this is what Siyanda looked like when the police showed up.


Siyanda informed police what had happened, she told them she had been racially attacked, she told them she had pushed the woman, who after threatening to kill her, had approached her whilst calling her slurs. She told them the two men twice her age had beaten her.

But the police didn’t even investigate. They admitted in court they didn’t investigate.

Instead, they charged a 20 year old disabled woman, 4’10 in stature and recovering from reconstructive surgery, her face swollen and cut and bruised when they appeared on the scene. They charged her as the one who had committed Grievous Bodily Harm.

On March 13th 2020, Siyanda was found guilty by an all white jury, and sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison.

Siyanda has been failed from start to finish by the “justice” system. From lazy police officers who didn’t do their only job - investigate the crime - to a trial where she didn’t even get a jury of her peers, she was tried entirely by white people.

She should not be in prison for being the victim of a racist attack. She is in prison because of a racist system. So what can we do?

You can sign the online petition for justice which you can find at:


You can support the Free Siyanda campaign by donating at:

justgiving.com/crowdfunding/free- siyanda

Visit the campaign website for more information:


And importantly, lobby your MP. Write to them about the failure Siyanda has experienced, and ask them to take a stand for her. You can write your own email, or visit the freesiyanda.com website where they have a template you can download.

They also have a way you can write directly to Siyanda and let her know you support her and we're behind her and we're helping her as much as we can, help keep her in a positive headspace in a truly awful situation.

Siyanda, we are with you. We will do all we can to right this wrong. Stay strong.

No Justice, No Peace.

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