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Let's Talk About The Police.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I don’t normally post twice in a day, and I try to keep this a positive space - and currently a U.K. focused page. But once again we are hearing the outrageous news of a black man shot by the police in the United States.

Jacob Blake, who had been trying to stop a fight between two women, was walking back to his car, when two officers followed him with guns drawn, and at close range shot him 7 times in the back. Sat in the back of his car were his 3 children. Jacob is in serious condition and fighting for his life right now. And that’s undoubtedly because of system and structural racism, but it’s also because of a system in which the police are the only option to call in scenarios that they aren’t trained for. In this post I outline a few alternative services that would better serve the public than the police.

It’s time the police were defunded, and that money redistributed to areas that can actually help the public, reduce and prevent crime. The police as we know it doesn’t work - there’s better options. Maybe let’s try them?

We don’t need a police force. We need a community support service. No organisation with force in the name is serving or protecting the public, they tell you in the name exactly what they use.

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