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Police Raid on Tooting Market’s Jamaican Businesses.

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

On September 5th 2020, poor intelligence led to the issuing of a search warrant to look for drugs at Tooting Market. The minimally descriptive warrant meant a large scale police operation to raid businesses in Tooting Market took place. Specifically Jamaican Businesses.

Nothing was found, but plenty was lost. They lost trade, food was lost to sniffer dogs, their reputations were damaged, and add to that the humiliation felt by the owners who were searched publicly on a busy Saturday. And all they were guilty of was fitting the description of “Black in tooting market.”

On top of this, despite no drugs or evidence of criminal activity being found, the landlords have given The Lone Fisherman, and another Black owned business - the only other one in their area of the market - an eviction notice.

Despite being guilty of nothing, small businesses that had managed to survive covid1, will quite possibly be forced to shut down because of racial profiling.

And that’s what it was. There’s no scenario where a warrant even gets issued when the criteria is just “white owned business”, the met police are not showing up to markets and humiliating every white business owner there. They do their jobs properly, get solid information, and narrow down their search area. But for black people, being black is enough to make you suspicious it seems.

To help, please sign and share this petition to try and stop the evictions. And if you can, donate here to help them if they need to relocate.

Visit our instagram to share the post, and spread the word.

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