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Tooting Market, An Update.

Today, September 12th, the owner of The Lone Fisherman, Chris, posted this update to their instagram account.

"NEW DEVELOPMENT! After constructive dialogue with the Landlord of Tooting Market, again facilitated by MP Rosena Khan. An agreement has been reached with The Lone Fisherman, whereby the eviction notice WILL BE RESCINDED and a new lease offered. The Landlord explained that he acted on Police information; he interpreted the scale of the raid as evidence alone of The Lone Fisherman having involvement in the sale of drugs. Despite nothing being found, during subsequent conversations with the Police they did nothing to dispel this fallacy. As the Landlord operates a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, drastic action was taken and an eviction notice served. On reflection (and given the Police could not provide the confidence needed to support this decision) as well as the obvious outpouring of disbelief in the community, the Landlord realised he made a mistake and had acted hastily. The Landlord intends to issue an apology regarding this misjudgement to all those impacted by this chain of events. The Lone Fisherman would like to thank the Landlord for his honesty when explaining his judgement made at the time. Tooting market is the beating heart of Tooting, it is loved by all. Both parties would like to close this unfortunate chapter. It is time for healing, all corners of the community came forth in support in a clear sign that Tooting is an amazing place to live, let's heal together."

It's currently unclear if this same offer has been extended to Hughie, the owner at Artz Designer Wear.

But this is certainly some good news to celebrate!

Update to share on our instagram.

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