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We're putting a Book Club together!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Happy Monday everyone!

As the title says, I’m starting a book club! Every second monday I’ll post a new book by a black author that I’m going to read, give you a little bit of information about it, and where you can get a book to read along with me if you like.

Then on the Monday’s in between, I’ll post a little review of each book, and you guys can comment your thoughts on it, and we can have a chat. Over on our instagram page, on review days I'll also put a question box in my stories for you to send me books by black authors you’d like to see featured. Any genre is good, the only criteria is that the author - or at least one if it’s co-written - is black. If you're not on instagram, you're welcome to comment on the post any recommendations you have.

This weeks book is “Such a fun age” by @kileyreid. It’s Kiley’s debut novel and was released back in December and has been well received, even being long listed for the booker prize! I’ve listed a few places you can buy it if you want to get involved. I can’t wait to get stuck in, and hopefully read some of your thoughts next week!

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