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Women I wish I'd learnt about in history class

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The history we’re taught as black people in the UK is not our history. They leave us out of their history as if they didn’t force our history to be all tied up in theirs. When I was at school, we never once did a “Black History Month.” Instead, all I got was one lesson on slavery - and you can imagine how fun that was as the only black child sat in a room with 29 white peers and a white teacher.

And it's not because we don't have incredible stories to tell - we do. Black History and British History are not two separate things. The British made Black History a part of their history, violently and completely. They shouldn’t now get to whitewash us out of our stories, to tell a watered down version of their own history.

Black history is British history, it’s time the curriculum showed that.

But until it does, here's a resource you can use to learn from, teach your children from, or share with friends, about brilliant black women from british history.

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