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Your Questions on Race, Answered

I know that when it comes to race, people have questions. When it comes to critically thinking about things you took for granted without ever really thinking about them before, of course there’s going to be questions. But answering these questions over and over again can be very draining, emotionally exhaustive, frustrating, and above all traumatic for us.

It’s easy for you on your journey to forget that whilst I might be the first poc you’ve had this conversation with, you are very much not the first white person I’ve had this conversation with. And each time is taking a bandage off a wound and exposing it in the hopes the other person see’s the problem and understands.

SO! Here’s a post with 8 questions people have a lot, that perhaps you have too but haven’t known who to ask, answered. If you know people who could do with having these questions answered, send it to them. It’ll mean they won’t have to turn to their black friend or brown co worker and ask them “hey, please explain racism to me!”

If you have more questions, I am happy to make this a series. So pop into my DMs, send your question, and I’ll answer it in another post.

As always, please share! Most of us creators don’t get paid for this, so interaction shows us we’re not wasting our time! Thank you 🧡🧡

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